My Hollywood Girl

Suzy Snapshot


From tap, jazz, ballet, comedy, acting, singing, karate, roller skating, bus travel, car travel, walking, living in the Lido (Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley hotel), school in Hollywood, California, raised late 80's early 90's rockin roll style Jessica Shawn Lee Vitale becomes a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer on her hard earned way of determination as a five year old daughter said to her mom

"I want to dance."

How could a child know who she wants to be only not know how to attain this?  Times were hard as I accepted her request. I had only one sentence to tell her.

"Then we have to live in Hollywood, California." 

Every nickname change you made along the way of growing up was so much fun. I asked you what name would you like. We can try a few. If you don't want one move onto another. So, Shawn was Debbie, Jennifer and Jessica. But, she uses her given name Shawn now. We all have moments of who would we like to be, what name do we like the most and how would we like to live.

For Shawn junior high, high school years we moved to Newport Beach, Orange County, California. This is where she continued her study in dance. She loves her teachers, students, places of employment, family and friends. Shawn is a loving, warm young lady who works hard. I can see why she continues to succeed in her way of life. She returns to Hollywood, California often for dance classes as well as other activities.

Shawn didn't like when I took pictures. Good thing I didn't have a cell in her younger years. She would have really hated it.